Oakland has a very inconsistent brand experience. Visuals feel very separate and clash with other brand expressions. As well as the logo can’t stand alone. Creating a brand experience that feels together and represents the diversity of the bay area and of Oakland.



After traveling in and out of the Oakland International Airport, talking to locals, and researching the history of the airport, I learned that the Oakland International Airport is connected to Oakland and its larger community. Oakland seeks to be the hub for the bay area locals and reflects its diverse and dynamic community.



Creating a cohesive brand experience that goes above and beyond the standard in the industry. With six distinct aspects of Oakland identified the airport offers travelers an opportunity to make micro-donations through their purchases and experiences.



Process & Ideation

Mind mapping is a form of brain storming that are translated into keywords that I extensively mind mapped to help establish the voice and tone of this rebrand. As well as a comprehensive brand identity and visual system must be explored in order to fully construct the Oakland International Airport.

Check out the full process book here!


The Logo

With Oakland being such a diverse and unique place, It led me to the idea of Oakland International Airport being represented by several categories that make up the place as a whole. Each symbol represents a different category of Oakland. The symbol is fluid and can change dynamically based on the situation it’s in; these are the faces of each overall category that all other symbols fall under.



This is a variety of concepts and ideas I had originally created to represent different categories within the Oakland International Airport’s brand. From these I found the ones that had a story and potential to build fully into the six main categories you see today.

Unused Logos.jpg


The typography for Oakland International Airport uses Proxima Nova. Oakland’s airport has to represent accessibility for all American and international citizens. Proxima Nova provides a quirky, but established presence. The round curves are welcoming, and the terminals are open and friendly.


Color Theory

To help decide what color best represents Oakland I created a color guide to help figure out what things are correlated with certain colors and if that fit with Oakland. I decided to choose green for multiple reasons, the first is because green feels friendly, open, local, and eco friendly, and the second is because the city of Oakland’s color is green as well making it tie back into the community, putting Oakland in the best position relative to the brand identity system.

Logo Color.jpg

What Makes Oakland Different?

After checking in, travelers are prompted to give back to the community through micro-donations by selecting one of the six main categories. This will give a portion of the profits made to that category. Passengers may also donate more of their own money if they are feeling generous.



Outdoor advertising campaign that uses a modular system that shows the unique places and people the airport touches through bold type and unique imagery. It also informs the public of what and how much they are helping support their community.



Personal ephemera

Each piece of Ephemera is unique to every employee, having an “O” that represents them across all pieces. Ranging from business cards, lanyards, and letter heads.



Airport Signage

Way-finding signage with high contrast in color and symbols to make it easily legible for passengers in a hurry.


Interactive Table

An interactive table where passengers can doodle, play games, and submit their own “O” logo. Travelers can engage to earn discounts to local activities, regional gifts, apparel, and more. Creating a more engaging and vibrant community experience throughout the airport.


What I learned

This project really taught me about process, ideation, and most importantly sketching. Sketching was never my strongest skill, but with sketching over 600 logos I learned the value that it can bring later in the design process. I also learned the value in merging business and design creating a good business model can set the foundation for the design and set a goal to design too.