merging analytics and eye health

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Pain Points





After months of research, interviews, and surveys I found out that players want to improve in their games, but don’t know the easiest and quickest way to do that. Players also care about their lasting eye health, but often times don’t do anything to care for them.



Creating a product that allows gamers of all skill levels using machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve their gameplay, while also giving them access to more stats and sustainable eye health using blue light filter smart glasses.



The Concept

Empo is a gaming application that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to coach gamers to improve their gameplay. Empo also offers blue light filter smart glasses to help give more detailed statistics while monitoring and protecting the players eye health. Components of Empo consist of:

  • Blue Light Filter glasses

  • Eye Tracking Technology

  • Machine Learning

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Coaching Application

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Ethnographic Research

I had created a survey to validate and inform my design process.

The main things I learned were:

  • People care about their eye health, but don’t do much for it

  • Gamers are open to wearing glasses for gaming

  • There is an interest in reviewing personal gameplay

  • Gamers are invested in the games they play and avidly want to improve.

Take the full survey here!

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Blue Light Filter

With technology becoming integrated more in our everyday we are starting to learn how harmful blue light is for our eyes. Empo’s smart glasses have a range of blue light filter options for every user.

Blue Light Filter Options: 10% - 35% - 65% - 98%

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Smart Glasses

The technology used in Empo’s smart glasses include eye tracking sensors to help keep track of eye health and fatigue, as well as give more in-depth stats for gamers to further understand their gameplay such as reaction time. The eye trackers are paired with infrared illuminators for support.

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Players can see stats ranging from all time, to gaming sessions that week, down to their most recent game. Players can compare stats between themselves before and after to see if they are improving or getting worse. They can also filter through different types of stats to see correlations between certain play styles.

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Eye Health

Players can see stats on their eye health to see if they should take a short break and can see are improving overtime. Mention how pilots did a study to test reaction times based off of fatigue and noticed big difference between pilots who were and were not fatigued

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Players can also create teams with friends and compare stats between them, find common strengths and weaknesses in gameplay to help figure out strategy. Teams can also play against other teams and compare overall stats against them, see who has the advantage and keep track of win-loss record between teams to find what strategies do and don’t work.

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What I Learned

This was my first true group project and it taught me a lot about collaboration and compromise. Instead of dividing up the work and coming back together to combine two separate parts we worked together on each factor in the design process to make sure we were on the same page to create a cohesive design solution.

I also learned how powerful knowledge and research is in design. After me and my partner tried to concept ideas, we starting doing research on upcoming technologies and learned how significantly easier it is to create when you understand the world around you.