What is Depth?

Depth is an Interactive Smart Package souvenir for the Grand Canyon. Depth takes inspiration from the park to help create a more informational experience along the users journey through the Grand Canyon. Utilizing augmented reality and historical information.


“You can see 40% of the Earth’s history in the Grand Canyon.”




The design was catered to a traveler, creating a folding hinge with magnets to make the book sleeve more compact and easy to carry around throughout the day. Determining the layout of spreads, the cover of the packaging, as well as how the augmented reality was done during this phase.


The Grand Canyon book

The first book has a hole cut through the center to represent the Grand Canyon. By using the book, augmented reality acts as a three dimensional infographic for the user to understand more thoroughly the history of our Earth.


The Night Sky Book

After spending all day looking down to learn about the Earth, the user then can look up at the stars and learn about each constellation, and how they affected the tribes that live there.


What I Learned

This project had a very short timeline, it taught me how to let go of my perfectionist mindset and to create a concept and run with it. Letting the concept transform along the way. It also taught me about the physical engineering of packaging design, and how it can be an experience and not just a container.